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Nairobi Excursions and surroundings

Nairobi City Tour
Daily at 10:00HRS & 1400HRS (3 Hours)
This excursion includes a drive around the city. You'll pass by modern day Nairobi landmarks like: the law courts, Parliament buildings, and the uniquely shaped Kenyatta International Conference Centre and perhaps pick up a few bargains at the colorful City Market.
Thereafter, a visit to the Snake Park and National Museum: "the Finest Small Museum in Africa" well known for its spell binding exhibits and displays of early man, tribal regalia and the flora and fauna of Kenya also a close visit to the botanical garden.

 Karen Blixen Museum and Giraffe Center
You will be driven toward Ngong Hills to the Karen Blixen Museum, situated 30 minutes drive outside Nairobi City Center. Here you have the opportunity to experience the former residence of the world famous Danish writer Karen Blixen (Out of Africa) and to admire the view of the Ngong Hills from the beautiful gardens. Proceed to Giraffe Centre where you come face to face with the tallest mammal on earth; having a chance to even feed them with your bare hand

Carnivore restaurant.
The restaurant, located just outside Nairobi, is recognized as one of the world's most unique dining experiences.
As the name suggests, Carnivore is a true meat lover's paradise. Boasting a spectacular "all the meat you can eat" menu, the entire restaurant is centered around a large open fire pit, on which massive skewers of roasted. Fire roasted meat (locally known as Nyama Choma is a genuine Kenyan specialty.

Dinner or lunch at the Carnivore provides the opportunity to zebra, giraffe, impala, wildebeest, crocodile and other game meats. Waiters bring the skewers straight from the fire to the table, and the meat is sliced onto pre-warmed, cast iron plates. A range of sauces, condiments and relishes are served as accompaniments. Despite its reputation and carnivorous menu, the restaurant does also cater to vegetarians. If you are visiting Nairobi, Carnivore offers a not to be missed opportunity to enjoy one of the worlds finest and most unique Epicurean experiences.

David Sheldrick & Giraffe Centre
Daphne Sheldrick: As part of the David Sheldrick Conservation Foundation rehabilitates baby elephants and other wildlife here at her home just outside of Nairobi National Park. These babies have lost their mothers to poaching, death, injuries, on getting lost in the wild or other tragedies. Daphne and her dedicated staff raise them to be released back into the wild when they are ready. It is worth a visit to see humanitarian care to the wildlife and the heart it takes to care. After the visit drive to the former home of Karen

Blixen – author of “Out of Africa”. Now a Museum, you may explore the beautiful house and grounds at leisure. Drive towards the Ngong Hills to the former home of Karen Blixen – author of “Out of Africa”. Now a Museum, you may explore the beautiful house and grounds at leisure before proceeding to the Giraffe Centre where the rare Rothschild giraffes are being rehabilitated before being returned to the wild. You will be able to see them at close range, even feeding them. Thereafter return to your hotel.

Nairobi National Park
The 117 km2 Nairobi National Park is unique by being the only protected area in the world with a variety of animals and birds close to a major city. As expected, the park is a principal attraction for visitors to Nairobi. The park also serves many residents and citizens living in the city.

The park has a diversity of environments with characteristic fauna and flora. Open grass plains with scattered acacia bush predominant. The western side has a highland dry forest and a permanent river with a riverine forest. In addition, there are stretches of broken bush country and deep, rocky valleys and gorges with scrub and long grass. Man-made dams have also added a further habitat, favourable to certain species of birds and other aquatic biota. The dams also attract water dependent herbivores during the dry season.
The park has diverse birdlife with 400 species recorded. However all species are not always present and much depends on season. Northern migrants pass through the park primarily during late March through April.

Nairobi National Park is one of the most successful of Kenya's rhino sanctuaries that is already generating a stock for reintroduction in the species former range. Due to this success, it is one of the few parks where a visitor can be certain of seeing a black rhino in its natural habitat.

Crescent Island - Full day
Crescent Island is situated on the western side of Lake Naivasha, 80 kilometers from Nairobi. It is a small crater lake that is home to a number of hippos. From its wildlife sanctuary, a number of mammals can be seen grazing in the surrounding lake environs, such as zebra, impala, buffalo, giraffe, Kongoni and, at night, hippos. The Island hosts a wide array of bird species including fish eagles, ospreys, lily-trotters, black crakes and a variety of herons. A boat ride at the lake is an exciting experience offering a close view of swimming hippos, breathtaking sceneries of the Great Rift Valley walls and the surrounding wildlife.

Bomas of Kenya
The Bomas Harambee Dancers the only resident dance company in Kenya perform daily in a spectacular circular theatre possibly the biggest and unique structure of its kind in Africa which seats 3,500 people. You will have the opportunity of seeing a colourful cross- section of the people of Kenya dancing to the pulsating beat of Coastal drums and other traditional instruments. Dancers from all the tribes in Kenya move across the stage in a vibrant kaleidoscope of rhythm and the hue. Proud Maasai warriors vault skywards as they woo their maidens with chanting and twirling spears.
Before or after watching the Bomas dances, patrons take a leisurely guided tour of traditional villages with our trained information officers for an insight into the rich diversity of the culture of people of Kenya. The Word "Bomas” is authentic and African

Lake Nakuru Tour – Full Day
Lake Nakuru National Park Tour is a full day trip to the rift Valley escarpment, 160kms from Nairobi. It is one of the most scenic parks in East Africa, a bird and rhino sanctuary and is home to a wide range of animals including lion, leopard, buffalo, giraffe, waterbuck and rhino, the only notable exception being the elephant. The park is also a bird watcher’s paradise, with 400 known species having been spotted here. Vegetation ranges from savannah to various indigenous forests. A world heritage site, Lake Nakuru is most famous for its million-plus grand pink flamingo population.

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  1. The park has a diversity of environments with characteristic fauna and flora. Open grass plains with scattered acacia bush predominant.